Audio Block

Upload .mp3 or other audio files to your site, and play them back with a simple audio player.


The audio block is for uploading your own audio files (most commonly, .mp3 files) to your site.

You have very few options with the audio block, but it could be used for simple, one-off pieces of audio.

To add audio from third-party sources, consider the embed block instead.

Upload Your Audio

After adding an audio block, simply use the Media Library to select an existing audio file, or upload a new one from your computer.

WordPress will handle the rest, and display your audio using a native HTML 5 <audio> player.

By default, you’ll have the following audio controls:

  • Play
  • Pause
  • Volume slider
  • Download the audio file

The design of the audio player will depend on the user’s browser.

Audio Captions

Captions are completely optional, but you do have the option to provide one.

Bold, italic, strikethrough & links are supported in audio captions.

Audio Alignment

Just like the video block, you can float your audio to the left or right, which will make the following content wrap around it.

And as with all blocks, an additional CSS class is also supported.

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