Gutenberg 2.4 Released: Balancing Writing Flow & Block Insertion

Gutenberg 2.4 π brings with it a number of refinements, notably around inserting blocks in context of the canvas itself.

With each new Gutenberg release, we see a large number of enhancements & bug fixes. Version 2.4 is no different. Let’s take a quick look at some of the more user-focused changes, as these are the things that will directly affect your writing experience in Gutenberg.

Creating Reusable Blocks, Improved

The process of creating reusable blocks includes 2 fewer steps, greatly improving efficiency.

  1. The user selects a block and clicks Convert to Reusable Block.
  2. The reusable block is created and is immediately in editing mode. The title of the block is selected, allowing the user to start typing the title straight away.
  3. The user clicks Save to rename their reusable block.

Reusable block creation step 2
Immediately give your reusable block a title.
Reusable block saved
How a reusable block looks after clicking save.

Button Text Wrapping

There used to be an issue with the button text overflowing outside of its container. You can see in the following two screenshots that this has been fixed. Longer button text will now wrap onto a new line.

Old button text overflowing
The old button text used to overflow
new button text wraps
Now long button text wraps onto a new line.

Video & Audio Upload Buttons

You always had the ability to insert audio & video files in multiple ways:

  • Insert from a URL
  • Choose from your Media Library
  • Upload a new file

However, that third choice (uploading a file) wasn’t obvious. First you had to click “Add from Media Library,” and then switch to the Upload tab, and upload your file.

Now there is an upload button directly on the initial block screen, making it easy to directly upload a new file.

upload button for audio & video files
A new upload button has been added for audio & video blocks.

Gutenberg 2.4 Final Word

The best place to learn about all the new features & fixed bugs in Gutenberg 2.4 is from the official release post.

Oh, and the Cover Image block got it’s very own icon, distinguishing itself from its boring cousin, the Image block. Be free, Cover Image!

Cover Image block new icon

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