How to Disable Gutenberg & Return to the Classic WordPress Editor

Gutenberg will be released with WordPress 5.0. The release date is still unknown, but once it's released, your site will automatically be updated to start using Gutenberg.

WordPress 5.0 will include many other features, aside from just the new Gutenberg editor. I always encourage people to keep WordPress up-to-date by installing the latest version, but I know that some folks won't be ready to learn a completely new WordPress editor. And that's perfectly fine.

WordPress makes it easy to disable Gutenberg and return to using the classic editor (aka: TinyMCE). First, you'll need to install & activate the Classic Editor plugin. After that, let's walk through a few different options you have.

Classic Editor restores the previous Edit Post screen and makes it possible to use the WordPress plugins that extend it, add old-style meta boxes, or otherwise depend on the previous editor.


WordPress Classic Editor Plugin

When disabling Gutenberg, you have two different modes to choose from:

  • Always use the classic editor (completely removes Gutenberg)
  • Switch between Gutenberg & the classic editor (using different links)

Always Use Classic Editor

This is the default option. As soon as you activate the plugin, Gutenberg will be completely disabled. All of your post & page edit screens will look like they did in WordPress 4.9 and below. That's it! Happy editing 🙂

Switch Between Gutenberg & Classic Editor

If you want to be able to use both editing methods, perhaps during a transitional time where you're still learning Gutenberg, this is a great option.

  • Head over to Settings > Writing, and look for "Classic editor settings."
  • Check the box that says "Do not replace the editor."
  • Save Changes

Classic Editor mode setting
Choose "Do not replace the editor" if you want to use both Gutenberg & the classic editor interchangeably.

Now you have the option to use Gutenberg on some posts/pages, and the classic editor on others. Let me show you how.

How to edit with Gutenberg

To use Gutenberg, simply click on a post/page title, or the use the "Edit" link. Essentially, do the same thing you've always done to edit a post. Only now, you'll be taken to Gutenberg.

Gutenberg vs Classic Editor links

How to use the classic editor

To use the classic editor, you'll need to click the "Classic Editor" link instead (shown above in blue). This will take you to the previous TinyMCE editing experience you are already used to.

You'll also see a link to use the classic editor in your admin toolbar at the top of the Edit Post screen.

classic editor link in admin toolbar

Gutenberg is the future of WordPress, not only when editing posts & pages, but eventually, it will sit behind all edits you make to your WordPress site. Therefore, I highly encourage you to explore the Gutenberg interface and learn how to use it.

But for those who need to disable Gutenberg, I hope this was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

153 comments on How to Disable Gutenberg & Return to the Classic WordPress Editor
  1. When 5.0 comes out, Gutenberg will be a mandatory part of core, so when you update to 5.0 won’t that change everything on your site immediately? So, won’t that update force Gutenberg block-style on every page of your site, and it’s theme/layout/template, right out of the box immediately when you update? If this is the case (and how could it not be the case) it sounds like there could easily be many sites crashing or going to white screen once it is forced out.

    • Hi Lamont. That’s a really good question.

      When upgrading to 5.0, Gutenberg will be the default way of editing content. All of the existing content within the main content area will be converting to a Gutenberg Classic Block. When you’re ready to turn your classic block into the appropriate Gutenberg blocks, you can do so with the three-dot menu. Gutenberg will automatically turn headings into heading blocks, lists into list blocks, images into image blocks, etc.

      If your site uses a ton of meta boxes and custom fields, that is still up in the air as to what will happen. Gutenberg has yet to develop a good system for additional post content outside of the main editor.

      Here’s the official statement from WordPress on compatibility:

      “Posts are backwards compatible, and shortcodes will still work. We are continuously exploring how highly-tailored metaboxes can be accommodated, and are looking at solutions ranging from a plugin to disable Gutenberg to automatically detecting whether to load Gutenberg or not. While we want to make sure the new editing experience from writing to publishing is user-friendly, we’re committed to finding a good solution for highly-tailored existing sites.”

      If you install the Classic Editor plugin before you manually convert any of your content to blocks, you should be able to continue using the classic WordPress editor just as you always have.

  2. Thanks for the Classic Editor plugin. I have put hundreds (if not thousands of hours) into refining the look for my site(s). I tried the Gutenberg editor and it is NOT ready for prime time. I could not get an inline image to line up properly with the text or headline. When I put the image block in, it gives this weird layout of the text that is not true when the document is previewed. I really do not need this headache, I have enough other ones. Hopefully, I have to use Gutenberg at some point, I will get it figured out. But learning how to edit AGAIN in WP was not on my agenda. Not only that, but I do not like the search box for finding the elements to use. Just give me my Insert Shortcode button and get on with life.
    Again, THANKS for the ability to retain my sanity with the Classic Editor plugin. I just installed it and my blood pressure went back to normal.

    • That comment really hits the nail. I have EXACTLY the same problems with image allignment i Gutenberg (Feb. 2020) but have just found the article above. It saved my sanity.

  3. So basically if you install the classic editor button now before wordpress 5.0 comes out it should keep you at the classic editor? If not, will you be able to disable gutenberg?

    • Hi Nick — That is correct. Install the classic editor plugin now, and when you update to WordPress 5.0, your site will continue to use the classic editor (although you will still have the option to try Gutenberg). If you install it now and are not using Gutenberg, it will just do nothing. It will only kick in once Gutenberg is added to WordPress 5.0.

      You can also disable Gutenberg using custom code, but I would recommend the Classic Editor plugin.

  4. I do not have the option to “Switch Between Gutenberg & Classic Editor” nor does EDIT IN CLASSIC EDITOR show up for me. I have already installed the classic editor plugin. I am also having a problem that I cannot edit my slider. The area on the back end of my website to edit it is gone. Any ideas?

    • Trish — Do you have the Gutenberg plugin installed? Since Gutenberg has not been officially added to WordPress yet, if you don’t have the Gutenberg plugin installed, the Classic Editor plugin won’t do anything. When you go to edit a page or post, do you see the same interface you’ve always seen? Or do you see Gutenberg (something totally different)?

      Not being able to edit your slider could be a whole host of different issues. Are you using a plugin for your slider, or is it part of your theme? Which plugin/theme are you using? What have you changed recently when your slider became uneditable (update WordPress core, update a plugin(s), etc.)?

  5. No Gutenburg installed. Everything still looks the same. Our theme is custom and I am having my website developer look into this as well. They are telling me so far that it may be a plugin blocking me getting to the area where I need to edit. The only thing that we have changed is our host.

    • It sounds like there is a plugin conflict. Also, there is no need for the Classic Editor yet. It shouldn’t hurt anything to have it installed, but it won’t do anything if you don’t have Gutenberg installed. You should still absolutely be able to edit your posts. If you can’t even get to the post edit screen, I would disable your plugins and re-enable them one at a time to try and find the culprit.

      You can also switch to one of the default WordPress themes (twentyseventeen, twentysixteen, etc.) to make sure there is no theme issue. What theme are you using?

  6. Hi,
    Just got a new blog, Gutenberg is already installed on wordpress. I can’t even create a page, too complicated. How do I uninstall Gutenberg, and switch to classic editor, since there is no proper tutorial on hon to use I

    • Hi Didi — Did you sign up on Or did you sign up via another hosting company?

      Did you install & activate the Classic Editor plugin? Go to Plugins > Add New, search for “Classic Editor,” install & activate it.

  7. Thanks for the guide Dave,

    I just switched to gutenberg and it’s not that bad. for now I have my whole post inside 1 paragraph block, slowly, I will start to implement other block/styles into my posts.

    I am just scared that I’ll end up spending more time “beautifying” my posts than writing and that more work will be needed to clean up the post raw html filled up with gutenberg tags should I decide to move to other platforms in the future.


    • I agree with everything you’ve said, Rob.

      I’ve been using Gutenberg on one of my sites, and I post a lot of code samples. One area where Gutenberg really falls short for me, is when inserting code. I don’t like to embed GitHub gists or CodePen pens. Sometimes they are great options, but other times I like to own my code and have it scannable by bots & search engines.

      And having to constantly switch between Visual & HTML has been a pain with Gutenberg. I found it much easier in the current/classic editor. We’ll see how this improves over time. But for 99% of WordPress users… Gutenberg isn’t bad, and does provide a lot more flexibility for non-technical users.

  8. Thank you.

    After all, doesn’t everyone prefer to edit paragraph by paragraph (e.g. in blocks) instead of editing a document?

    Other glitches.

    All by surprise when I logged in today to write a post.

  9. I’m… probably going back to classic. So far, it’s yet another case of stop helping. The ‘help’ gets in the way of doing things. And the amount of extra code getting inserted is insane (I think that’s what Ali was asking about above).

    One thing that befuddles me on Gutenberg is why is the main area so narrow? I’ve got a nav bar on side, and helper menus on the other, and in the middle still nearly half the screen is empty because the editor insists on confining itself to an impossibly narrow area for no reason.

    • I agree, Rindis. I’m holding off on using it for now as well.

      It takes me longer to create the type of content that I create most often. I can do so much faster with the Classic Editor.

      Not positive on this, but I think your theme can control how wide the writing area is with Gutenberg in the backend. What theme are you using?

  10. to write a post is confusing on gutenberg. — if i may say it right; its complicated. Its scattered — at least for now.

    Its helpful to find this reversal tactics.

    #keepItSimple* #KIS

  11. A quick look around shows that the theme can affect the fonts used, but I’m not currently seeing any difference in overall layout. I’m currently using Easel with some custom CSS to make it more flexible for different screen widths.

  12. Honestly, the new editor seem really confusing!
    Completely different from the previous one and not practical at all, other than not working well. When you save your page, the saved message cover the title… all the panels are converted as small panels on the right and completely messed up for certain plugins… etc etc.

    One question only: why you completely change things randomly without a good designer behind you?

    Anyway, you’ve understood i think that i go back to classic editor!!!

  13. I was using your method to disable Gutenberg (which I can’t stand) and it worked perfectly. All of a sudden today, it is not working. I still have the “do not replace the editor” box checked in my settings, but it no longer reverts my editor back to the classic mode. Do you have any ideas for a fix?

    • Hi Lindsay — Have you tried going to the Plugins page and seeing if there’s an update to the Classic Editor plugin? Try updating to the latest version.

      If that doesn’t work, can you post a screenshot of the settings on your Profile page in the backend of WordPress?

  14. OMG that was the exact problem! The plugin just needed an update. THANK YOU SO MUCH. You are a lifesaver! I am so not technical – my husband usually handles the back end of my site – but he isn’t home right now, so I was going crazy. I really appreciate the help!

  15. I gave up on gutenberg. I couldn’t actually get it to work sensibly. I am not a geek and maintain a website by the skin of my teeth and just need things to work simply and intuitively. gutenburerg fails on both counts. I installed the classic editor plugins to have classic editor and was then able to modify my site in seconds.

    • I feel your pain, Rex. I’ve been working with WordPress for 9 years. I manage multiple websites and consider myself a power user. And I still got really frustrated with Gutenberg and am sticking with the Classic Editor for a while.

      It just takes me a lot longer to publish content with Gutenberg over the Classic Editor. Hopefully this will improve over time 🤞.

  16. I really like to know who is the team of idiots that came up with this stupid as Gutenberg. Man this is the dumbest design i have ever seen and I have been using wordpress for over 10 years.

    • Nick — I understand your frustration, but this is not a productive way to express it.

      If you’ve been using WordPress for over 10 years, you know exactly who built Gutenberg. Calling it “the dumbest design” and the people who built it a “team of idiots” is not going to make it go away, nor is it going to help improve it.

      I encourage you to add something productive to the conversation instead of just tearing others down.

  17. Well, I said I was going to stick with Gutenberg for a bit to get over the ‘you moved my cheese’ bit. I just gave up. With Gutenberg, trying to apply a CSS class to an image fails.

    The advanced options are still showing in image details, but that blank gets wiped instead of saving. Since I use that to force some consistency on disparate images….

    • Sounds frustrating, Rindis. Sorry to hear that image classes aren’t working. I do believe they are working on this bug, though. Hopefully it’ll be resolved soon.

    • Jean-Marc — First, make sure you create a backup of your site.

      Then, I would check with your hosting company. See if they can rollback to WordPress 4.9. If not…

      You could try a plugin like WP Downgrade. I have not tested this plugin, so please be careful, and again, make a backup before you do any of this.

  18. I installed classic editor but editing bar and visual and text option between post body and title disappeared it has only a few option like ul, ol, link but the rest of the options are missing. I installed some plugins like tinymce-advanced.4.8.1 as well but they are not working. Any solution ?

    • It’s possible that Classic Editor is not compatible with the TinyMCE Advanced plugin. Did you try just the Classic Editor plugin by itself first?

      Are you running any other plugins that might affect the editing experience? Try disabling all of them and just running the Classic Editor.

    Can you help me please? To enter my wp-admin, upgrade to 5.0 after that and it worked perfect. TO THE HOURS, to open again the wp-admin, this version 5.0 but it looks like the old version and that change occurred alone.
    Upgrade to version 5.0.1 today but it still looks like the old editor does not like the new version. I need to have the new version urgent. If you can help me Thank you.

    si me pueden ayudar por favor. A ingresar en mi wp-admin, actualice a 5.0 luego de eso y funcionaba perfecto. A LAS HORAS, de abrir nuevamente el wp-admin, esta la version 5.0 pero se ve como la antigua version y ese cambio se produjo solo.
    Actualice hoy a la version 5.0.1 pero se sigue viendo como el viejo editor no como la version nueva. Necesito tener urgente la nueva version. Si pueden ayudarme. Gracias.

    • Leandro — I don’t fully understand your question. Are you saying that version 5.0.1 of WordPress is not working with the Classic Editor plugin? They are definitely compatible with each other, so if you’re having an issue, it is likely from another plugin, or possibly your theme. Are you running any other plugins that might impact the editing experience?

  20. How do I get back to where I was before. I want the edit post screen back exactly as it was . It worked fine before and I do not want to waste my time on Gutenburg which does nothing for me. And I mean exactly as it was before. Shocked that you could mess everything up in such a way

  21. I use to be able to have a live view of my site. I could click on “page builder” and see the layout, change it, move things and now… I have one column. That’s it. I can’t see anything. This totally sucks. I uninstalled the plugin and that changed nothing. So… now do I need to change my theme? I have no idea how to change things in my theme except for changing the photos that are already in my layout.

    • Hi Denise — When you say you uninstalled the plugin, which plugin are you referring to?

      If you updated to WordPress 5.0, the new editing experience would have been installed. If you don’t want the new experience, installing the Classic Editor plugin should give you back the old experience.

      Also, which page builder are you using? Have you checked to make sure your page builder is compatible with WordPress 5.0?

  22. Constructive feedback. Like many here, I find the Guttenberg editor _________ (insert negative word here).

    1. Use of space on the page is terrible. It’s not wide enough, the gaps between blocks are too big.
    2. Performance is awful. Scrolling up and down is way slower than the classic editor.
    3. I can’t find a way to align a picture with a heading.
    4. Moving a block up and down is a real chore….it doesn’t always end up where it needs to go and pictures can simply disappear. Oh, it’s slow going too!

    Despite the development team enthusing about it’s results, I would call this version .05 Beta.

    I hope this helps. You may sense a lot of frustration because it took me an hour to put a new blog together which would have taken 10 minutes. Admittedly, some of this was a learning curve. I have reverted back to Classic Editor.

    I think a lot of these concerns throughout this page should be taken seriously and not brushed off with “I’m sorry you feel that way….””….just reinstall Classic Editor”. Perhaps some idea of how you’re going to address these issues.


    • Tad — Thanks for taking the time to write out your feedback. But I do want to make sure you understand that this site is in no way affiliated with WordPress or the Gutenberg project.

      I’m just another WordPress developer who also happens to be frustrated by the new editor. I do take your concerns seriously… I just can’t do anything about them. The only thing I can recommend is to install the Classic Editor plugin.

      I encourage you to consider providing specific feedback to WordPress directly. The best way I know how to do that is by posting an issue on the Github repository. The development team will see it and can respond directly.

  23. Thank you, do you know if Gutenberg will be improved ? And have at least all basic functions that classic editor had ?
    I don’t mind getting used to new GUI… but losing functions, useful functions, that is just a big no.

    • Hi Michel — It will definitely be improved, and it is being improved as we speak. They are still heavily focused on making it better in 2019, and fixing some of the bugs that they know exist.

      I can’t guarantee everything that was in the Classic Editor will be included in the new editor, but most of it will. And the things that aren’t, they will likely be available as a plugin.

      You can follow along with the development of Gutenberg on github.

  24. Let’s see about bugs… But missing functionalities, how is that even a possibility ? For example, I need to select and paste tags. When I saw that I can’t anymore, I just switched back to classic editor.

  25. Thank you so much for this classic editor! I love it! I 100% do not like the Gutenburger version. It had a lot of glitches in it. It took me an entire hour to work with editing problems this morning.

    Once again, thanks so much!

  26. I am not “still learning Gutenberg”. I am *rejecting* Gutenberg as the oversimplified choice-remover it is. And why the heck are you releasing this to how many millions of users without having fixed a lot of the basic bugs that are still in it?

    The classic editor wasn’t broken. Gutenberg doesn’t “fix” anything. You just want to compete with Wix and Weebly. Well, not all of us write/create stuff that would work with either Wix or Weebly. I pay serious $$ to my hosting site so that I can create and customize and write a site which does *not* look like an out of the box Wix or Weebly site.

    Gutenberg is a horrible interface created by committee. Include me out.

  27. The Classic Editor plug-in does not work with images in ‘pages’ (have not tested w/ posts). After installing the plug-in, the classic view is shown and when adding a new page or editing an existing page, I am able to add an image, select the type of wrap, and verify the text is wrapped. However, when I hit publish, the image wrap is moved to below the image.

    • I have tested this out and it does work for me. It’s likely either your theme or another plugin you have installed. Have you tried switching to one of the default WordPress themes (Twenty Nineteen or Twenty Seventeen)? Are you using any plugins that affect the editing experience? If so, try disabling them.

  28. Thank you so much for this!
    I noticed how messed up the whole back end of my website was after the update. It looked like my theme’s block system was trying to fight against Gutenberg’s and the result was horrible. I was actually getting kind of worried if it would make all of my hard work go to waste.

    I just installed the plugin and everything looks as it should.
    Sincere thanks!


  29. Hi Dave,
    thanks for your post.
    I have few websites whereupon updating WordPress to latest version, they removed the classic editor and installed Gutemberg.
    Not to be negative on Gutemberg which I like the new fresh concept, but, if like me you have themes who were meant to work with the classic version, you might find issues in how the new posts (written with Gutemberg interface) shows the paragraphs. In my case it truncates some paragraphs when reading with my mobile.
    I have now installed the Classic Plugin editor and I feel relieved. I hope it doesn’t screw with new posts or old posts as now it is a plugin rather than the core element.
    Thanks again for the great post,

    • I hear ya, Donald. I’m still using the Classic Editor on all of my sites as well. It’s still easier & faster to create content that way.

      Gutenberg should not mess with any of your old/existing posts. And since you have the Classic Editor installed now, you should be fine.

    • The plugin is for those less technical folks who want nothing to do with functions.php, and might accidentally bring down their site if/when they go to edit it. Thanks for providing an additional solution, Jit.

    • I agree with you. But functions.php file edit is the perfect solution till now for me. Caz there are some stability issues with the plugins as far as I noticed in different forums. Many one have been facing issues with the classic-editor plugin. But, this php filter in the functions.php file of your theme must have no version compatibility issue. It’s better to use the add_filter function in custom-functions.php file rather than direct editing to the functions.php to avoid white screen or wordpress crash issue.

    • True… that there could be compatibility issues with the Classic Editor plugin. But from what I’ve seen, a vast majority of people seem to have no issue with it.

      And, the plugin does offer some functionality beyond a universal filter. It allows individual users to choose their editor, instead of forcing the same editor for all users.

  30. That’s a good question, Luis. I’m not sure how handles Gutenberg vs. Classic Editor. Reach out to their support team if you haven’t already. They’re usually pretty quick to respond, even for personal/free accounts.

    If you can, I’d love for you to come back here and post the outcome. That would help a lot of people out 🙂 Thanks!

  31. Hey, Thanks for your awesome post! I was struggling without knowing how to disable the WordPress 5.0 version. But now I’ve got an idea about Gutenberg & Classic WordPress Editor. Hope this will help me fix the issue. Thanks

  32. What happened to the template changer on pages and posts in the classic editor plugin on WP version 5? Thinking of going back to WP 4.9.9 not just not using Gutenberg on version 5 as the classic editor plugin does not seem to be a complete replacement of the old editor.

    • The Classic Editor should be a 100% complete replacement. It should function exactly as the editor did in all versions of 4.9.

      For the “template changer,” if you’re referring to this (screenshot), that is dependent on which theme you’re using. Some themes include additional templates. Some don’t.

      I just tested the Classic Editor with a theme that uses it, and mine is working just fine.

  33. Dave can you switch back and forth between Classic and Gutenberg in the same document? I thought I viewed a video showing that it was possible. Also when you choose code to in HTML copied from These are My Stamps. How do you convert it to visual? On Classic when you want to do that you choose text and paste it and then click visual for it to show up. How do you do this in Gutenberg?

    • Hi Shirley,

      Switch back & forth in the same document… kind of, but not really. You can change the editor on a post-by-post or page-by-page basis, but within a single document, you have to use either one or the other.

      If you choose to use the Classic Editor, there is no way to get to any of Gutenberg’s functionality. If you choose to use Gutenberg, you can insert a “Classic” block (just like you’d insert any other block). And this “Classic” block gives you the old school toolbar that you’re used to. So you could technically use Gutenberg as the editor, but then place all of your content in one giant Classic block, and use the old classic editor’s toolbar.

      I’m sorry but I don’t understand the second part of your question. But I hope this helps answer the first one.

  34. Hi,
    I had not written a blog post for a long time and now I just did using the Gutenburg Editor. I LOVE IT!
    However, I can’t get any of my images to center and the caption text on my images is now different than the rest of my blog. I am now reverting to Classic Editor but I’d love if these issues could be fixed. I see the future is Gutenburg!

  35. I have installed and am using the classic editor but it will not allow me to see or alter any “visual” on my pages. If I click on view page on the upper dashboard, then go back to “edit page” it will show me text. If I then swith to visual, still nothing. Then, even weirder, if I switch back to text….nada!!!!! Help!!

  36. I seem to have lost all functionality to edit our website, which seems to coincide with an update going by the different look of wordpress

    • Julian — WordPress just released an update to version 5.1 of the core software. Some hosting providers automatically apply the update. It’s possible there could be a conflict with your theme (or a plugin) and WordPress 5.1.

      If you can still see other admin pages, check the Dashboard to see if you are running WordPress 5.1. If so, I’d try to revert back to 5.0.3 and see if that fixes it.

      If not, there could be any number of conflicts with your theme/plugins and WordPress 5.0.x. Unless you’ve installed plugins that specifically impact the editing experience, it’s likely a conflict with your theme.

      So, first, check to see if you’ve updated to 5.1. If that didn’t cause it, deactivate any plugins that impact the editing experience. If that doesn’t work, talk to your theme developer.

  37. Stock 2015 theme. WP 5.1 Plugins: yoast & bulletproof security. Disabled everything else!

    I’m totally lost. After installing WP 5.0 I lost all formatting ability on posts. 5.1 fixed nothing.

    I can type in gutenberg but how do I format? Where are the buttons?
    There is a greyed out “+” sign upper left that I assume would allow me to add blocks…which does not work. Old posts, however, are a total loss right? You can never format them again unless you convert them or write raw html?

    How does this help anyone? I’m really trying to understand the point, not just the loss of all functionality.

    I tried disabling gutenberg and classic editor plugins and all either does is leave me with a raw text editor.

    This appears a total fail. There are no functions I can see in gutenberg…nothing. How would I add a block…or even find them?

    There is simply nothing there and I don’t understand…?

    • OK, found the issue. “Disable the visual editor when writing” under user profile will destroy the functions of gutenberg, but not bother to let you know, by say, showing a text editor…? All of it is there, just not working….you were supposed to guess…? After a lot of searching I see a ton of people with this…but nobody is stating this obvious bug in gutenberg. The visual editor and buttons come back with classic editor or disable gutenberg plugins.

      Gutenberg is the most unneeded and biggest mess WP ever did…and it is as badly documented as anything ever…and I’ve been hacking WP raw code since 1.0! This is the single worst idea, imo, WP has ever had.

      Hope this saves someone all the headaches this unwanted and unneeded change they forced on us for no reason is causing.

  38. 100% agree w/ Don ^^^

    I’m a fan of ‘progress’ in general. But absolutely NOT when the effective definition is something along the lines of this…

    “Let’s take a critical process that is working perfectly fine and is universally understood and accepted, and completely change it outside of any real need or demand to do so – just because we can.”

    Did anyone WANT the Gute change? Did anyone NEED it? Did anyone ASK for it?

    Or did someone (Matt?) just DECIDE it needed to change, force that decision to be implemented, and justify it retroactively with some techno-babble “need to do so” that never really existed in the first place? (Kind of like big pharma companies who continually invent NEW medical conditions, so they can peddle NEW medications?) If there was some broad-based end-user revolt over the previous default WP page editor, I never heard about it.

    Really makes me wonder if all this ULTIMATELY happened because theme developers are building fancy new UI/UX frameworks to run on-top of the WP backend, and WP felt they were being “out-classed” by these aggressive theme developers…???

  39. Or you could just paste one line of code at the bottom of your theme’s function.php file and be done with it….

    add_filter( ‘use_block_editor_for_post’, ‘__return_false’, 10 );

  40. For some reason, my wordpress site just updated to Gutenberg on its own. But I thought, maybe now is the time to switch over?

    I started by opening a recent post to make a small edit (linking a word to another site). When I tried to do that, the word with the link randomly moved to the top of the blog post. Weird.

    Then I noticed in the editor that the three short opening paragraphs were altogether in one large paragraph. So I went and looked at the front end and it too was one large paragraph.

    So I went back to the back end and tried to add spaces between the paragraph with my normal “shift-enter” and while the spaces showed up on the back end, they did not on the front end.

    Frustrated, I installed the classic editor plug in. It ruined the formatting on all 500 of my blog posts. Paragraphs are mashed together and spaces between copy and photos that I so carefully place in every post are now gone. Copy and photos are on top of each other.

    I’m simply devastated and am praying that you can help me.

    Thank you-

    • Hi Diana — I’m really sorry that happened to you. It must be frustrating.

      Unfortunately, the only thing I can think of is to revert back to a previous backup that you have. The main thing you want to restore is your database, because that’s where all your content is stored (and that’s what it sounds like got converted to the Gutenberg format).

      If you don’t have a backup, check with your host. And I recommend getting a backup system in place ASAP. UpdraftPlus is a high-quality & free solution.

      There could be some quirks with your content if your theme developer isn’t supporting Gutenberg, so I’d recommend you check with them as well. Ask them if they’ve tested their theme with Gutenberg to make sure it’s compatible.

  41. Thanks so much for your quick reply. What an excellent idea to use a back-up to retrieve the original posts.

    As it turns out, only posts from 2019 were affected, which totals 15 posts. So that’s pretty amazing. I’ll look into how I would replace the (new) poorly formatted versions with the (old) properly formatted ones.

    I will also reach out to my theme developer and find out if my theme is Gutenberg compatible.

    I HATE Gutenberg! (But see the handwriting on the wall.) I’m considering starting fresh with Wix or Squarespace.

    Thanks so much for your helpful suggestions.

    • I’m not a fan of Gutenberg (yet) either, actually. I started this site back before it was released, but I have not been adding resources to it because it’s STILL buggy, and omits many of the things that the classic editor still provides.

      However, I wouldn’t jump ship to Wix or Squarespace just yet. I know you’ve had an issue with the Classic Editor, but theoretically, once you have it installed, you shouldn’t have to deal with Gutenberg at all.

      And WordPress still provides much more flexibility over Wix or Squarespace.

  42. I want to give suggestion to people who is not familiar with functions.php

    “Dave Warfel
    December 10, 2018 at 10:46 am
    Rancah — You can disable it using code. Add this as a snippet using the Code Snippets plugin, or if you have to, the functions.php file of your child theme (or theme).”

    // disable for posts
    add_filter(‘use_block_editor_for_post’, ‘__return_false’, 10);

    go to Appearance > Theme Editor > functions.php

    Example: u should have something as this

    /************* GLOBAL CONTENT WIDTH ***************/
    Text between

    /************* LOAD NEEDED FILES ***************/

    insert code

    // disable for posts
    add_filter(‘use_block_editor_for_post’, ‘__return_false’, 10);

    right over you should be safe as i show below :

    // disable for posts
    add_filter(‘use_block_editor_for_post’, ‘__return_false’, 10);
    /************* LOAD NEEDED FILES ***************/

  43. While Gutenberg has lot of potential the implementation of making it Default was a terrible decision. Even worse decision was not to have a feedback from the users to see if they would accept the change.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am proficient enough in programming and very comfortable in using Gutenberg but is highly unacceptable for a change of this magnitude to be SEO unfriendly.

    My recommendation is continue classic editor as default and Gutenberg as an option until majority of the community has accepted the changes, bugs worked out, SEO and Functionality are improved over classic editor and more. In other words take your time with the transition instead or making an less then optimal piece of code a default option.

  44. A lot of us are using the free version of the WordPress blog and we seem to have been abandoned to our fate, as we cannot install plugins or alter the function file. Is that it, then? Using the hateful Gutenberg editor for ever with no reprieve? if that is so, I’m tempted to go elsewhere.

    • That is so, with one exception (I think). If you upgrade to the Business plan, you can install plugins. So theoretically you could install the Classic Editor plugin. But that will cost you $25/mo.

  45. Oh gee, Dave, “only” $25 dollars a month to get back what I had in the first place. Like many other WordPress users, I’m not a business user. I am actually an old lady living on a small pension. If I had $25 a month I’d spend it on food, not a blog JUST in order to get back a decent editor for my posts. On behalf of the free users of this world, PLEASE give us back the classic editor – even if it’s just an option in the menu.

    • Trish, I hear you, but you know I have zero say in the matter, right? I’m just a WordPress user who was trying to help people understand the new editor… in part because it’s happening, whether we like it or not.

      I’m 99.9% sure that you won’t get the classic editor back on, ever. Not trying to be rude about it, just telling you like it is. WordPress is ALL IN on the new editor, and they won’t be looking back.

  46. Just to button up this latest round of questions…WORDPRESS does not cater to users. Everyone hates Gutenberg and ‘they’ do not care. There is obviously some form of hidden incentive to make them totally disregard users wants and needs…and they have no intention of sharing their reasons with anyone. Remember, it is free…you get what you pay for… and of course, there is nothing anyone can do about it. Most of us would gladly pay for a WordPress ‘type’ platform that was protected from the changes and updates we do not want…and anyone currently involved in making it such a total mess…and many of us have been saying that for many, many years. Trust me on this…if anyone knew who to blame there would be protests outside their house. But this is a hidden, unresponsive conglomerate of people that do not care what I think, I know that much. Those of us who use it for professional reasons MADE them, and they kicked us to the ‘guter’.

  47. Dave said “Trish, I hear you, but you know I have zero say in the matter, right?” Sorry I sort of knew that but blasted off in any direction out of frustration. I feel more resignation than anger now, and the only thing I’ve found I can do is totally prepare the blog post offline in a text editor first, and that saves SOME of the hassle.
    Another question: anyone know where to find the “more” command in the new editor – you know, to put the “read more” division into your post. Haven’t found it yet. Grrrr – more frustration!

  48. Hi, I just wanted to add an update. The last few times I’ve gone to my WordPress blog it opened in the good old classic editor. I don’t know what has happened (or if maybe there will be a forced upgrade eventually, God forbid) but for the moment I’m back to normal and loving it.

  49. I have found that if I select to “edit” a previous post that was made with the classic editor, it takes me into that editor. From there I can “add new” – in classic mode! Whether this is a bug, or just a sneaky way of getting the classic editor back I don’t know, but I hope it continues. (I have the free WordPress, so I can’t install the plugin.)

  50. This tip saved my bacon (and sanity). Did an auto-update to WordPress 5.3.2 and there the classic editor was gone. Gutenberg totally screwed up all my embedded php scripts. I though I was going to have to try to uninstall WordPress then manually re-install an old version and then re-install the website and custom SQL databases – not something I was looking forward to the day before my vacation starts! Finding this Classic editor plugin gave me back all my code untouched and allows me to again save changes.

    • Hi Sarah,

      It sounds like you’re using, in which case, yes, unfortunately, you are stuck using Gutenberg. If you upgraded to a business account, you might be able to use the Classic Editor plugin, but I’m not 100% sure. The Classic Editor restores the old WordPress editing experience.

      If you moved to a self-hosted platform (paying a different host and installing WordPress yourself), you could use the old editor instead. That’s an option.

  51. Isn’t there any way to use classic editor by default. I still find no reasons to use Gutenberg. Is there any work around to disalbe Gutenberg complete and use classic editor.

  52. Hi Dave,
    I have a personal WordPress blog site. I am quite comfortable with WordPress’s classic editor TinyMCE). Your post provides useful information on how to always use the classic editor. Anyway, would you please tell me what is the difference between the Gutenberg editor and the classic editor? Knowing the difference may inspire me to switch to Gutenberg in future.

  53. I frankly have to say the Gutenberg editor sucks. I will use the classic editor for sure, as long as WordPress will allow me to do so. I don’t understand WHY WP doesn’t give his users a switch-option “Classic editor / Gutenberg” that allows the user to set “Classic editor” as the default choice.
    If you want to use the BEST editor (which of course is the classic one) you have to pay, this is what WP forces us to do. Is WP implicitly telling us that they actually believe & understand the classic editor is worth paying because it actually IS the best? YES. That’s why we’ve got to pay for it. Of course. (One always pays for the best, not for the crap).
    So: they perfectly know the Gutenberg editor sucks.

  54. I added a couple of posts today. I must’ve clicked on block programming because the first time I returned to my first post, it asked if I wanted classic. When I clicked, I was informed that I may lose formatting and other edits. Great. I spent the afternoon entering data and when I had completed that task I previewed the work. It was one long string of characters, nothing formatted. I knew this was soon to happen. I’m not a Classic Coke guy but I have over 200 blogs (over a million words) going back to 2014. I had needed to correct an entry which resulted in frustration; at that point I gave up. When I came back I was careful not to need to edit anything. After the preview and some blowing off of steam I came back and played with the blocks, solving what I couldn’t do at first (basically deleting the incorrectly formatted entries). I completed the task and published.
    Why improve something that works well enough. Will I have to reformat all my 200 blogs? This is so like all big Tech – reinventing the wheel and failing to support what is already built.

    • Gutenberg is already in WordPress. It was added in version 5.0.

      The Classic Editor plugin has multiple options. It depends which one you choose. There is an option to completely disable Gutenberg, and there is an option to choose between Gutenberg and the Classic Editor on a post-by-post basis.

  55. As of TODAY, March 28th I am no longer able to use CLASSIC, which for me is tragic. There is now a huge problem accessing my media photos, which was not an issue with CLASSIC. I am not sure what to do now.

    -Sam Juliano

  56. WordPress is one of the most powerful in the web world. I use the latest version of WordPress on my sites.
    It has high security and efficiency, but I hate Gutenberg !!!!

  57. This is the default option. As soon as you activate the plugin, Gutenberg will be completely disabled. All of your post & page edit screens will look like they did in WordPress 4.9 and below. That’s it! Happy editing 🙂


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